-Billboards too wordy! + my Crest Whitestrips billboard

This past weekend, my roommate and I drove to Raleigh, NC for the 2010 Krispy Kreme Challenge. The race itself is worthy of its own blog post, but I noticed a theme along the way that stuck out: bad billboards. Most were far too wordy, like  this one advertising family court.

Who thinks they can read this ad while driving 70 mph down I-95? It’s probably the same people that believe they can safely text while driving. While the baby crying in this billboard draws attention, it doesn’t get me any closer to knowing what the ad is for. Since I need more info, I now read the headline. 4 Days a Month with My DAD? I guess the kid wants to see his dad more. The problem is that by this time, I’ve driven past the billboard not knowing what at all it’s talking about!

After looking at least 200 billboards this weekend, I figured I would make one myself tonight. The product: Crest Whitestrips. The problem: gross teeth. The solution: Exploit those gross teeth.



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5 responses to “-Billboards too wordy! + my Crest Whitestrips billboard

  1. Am I able to get similar results as the dentist would give me?

  2. Recently, this blog post has been getting lots of activity.

    So what is it that led to you reading this post?



  3. adam haskins

    researching for a class project, I searched billboard advertising in Bing and this is kinda high on the images list for medium size.

  4. two years later, and I too was brought here by the big billboard image… but I feel you on the bad billboard design thing. I’m a design/ad/web guy named cory too 🙂

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