Georgia METH Project Commercial: WOAH

Admittedly, I don’t watch local news programs that often. I happened to be tuning into the local CBS affiliate tonight, though, following the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (insert guy stereotype here). During the commercial break, I saw my first Georgia METH Project commercial. I’ve heard numerous radio spots over the past year, but this was the first time I caught a :30 spot on the tube. After watching it, three ideas popped into my head:

1. I really didn’t need to see that after watching the 2nd half of the aforementioned fashion show.

2. That was pretty powerful. I hope teenagers also happened to leave their televisions on CBS after the Angels strutted their stuff.

3. Was it mere coincidence that literally the next news story was a METH LAB BUST in Georgia,  or was that a wildly specific media buy?

I wish I had more time to research that third thought, but for now, here’s the ad:

…and since I mentioned it a couple times, here’s the final couple minutes of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, although YouTube will probably take this video down because CBS likes to hog their content.


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