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Man Challenge T-Shirts: Reality

Thanks to fellow Matchstic intern Kelly Carnes, the Athens Man Challenge now has a t-shirt! I think it’s absolutely incredible. Let me know if you’re interested in one!



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September 5th Cinder Block Man Challenge

Take your average, run-of-the-mill 3.4 mile run, but add a treacherous 3/4 of a mile hill to tackle just before the finish. Now paste an ROTC course to the finish line, featuring among other things, 10 pullups, 10 dips, and a hell of a rope to climb. That sounds like fun, right? Well how’s-about we add some cherries and whipped cream on top of this extravaganza and just do the whole run carrying a cinder block. That’s what we did, and it was another wild Man Challenge Sunday!

Cradling it like a baby, one-handed at our side, bear-hugging it, on-the shoulder, and over-the-head described the way we went about lugging our 25-30 lb. friend around town. Once we were underway, it took little time for two favorites to jump out in front. Clark and Tom gained a sizable lead over the mile and a half, and there was no looking back. They took 1st and 2nd, while I finished 3rd and Jay 4th.

One thing to note about this Man Challenge came at about the 1.7 mile mark of the race, as we passed by Cali ‘N’ Titos on Lumpkin Street. Thanks to the onlookers who cheered us on as they enjoyed their delicious cubans, tacos, and plantains!

As always, if you’re interested, feel free to email us at and we’ll let you know when our next one is!

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August 29th Man Challenge

Another Sunday gone and another Man Challenge in the books. This challenge seemed straightforward.  This challenge looked easier in comparison to some of our dizzying, gagging challenges of Sundays past.  It wasn’t.

80 pullups, 100 dips, and seemingly thousands of wall climbs, over/unders, and balancing acts later, the Man Challenge showed its muscle. It then proceeded to kick our asses. After finishing all of the aforementioned “activities,” we had to climb a 20+ ft. rope before we could call ourselves finished.

Overall, the ROTC Man Challenge beat us up, but one challenger truly shined in this competition. Coming in first was Mason Deal, posting his first Man Challenge victory! Way to go Mason! Here are some more pictures from another epic Sunday.

Once again, if you want to join us, you’re welcome to. Email us at with your intent!

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August 22nd Man Challenge

I have not written a blog post in far too long! That doesn’t mean that I’ve been sitting on my bum, though. This past weekend, for example, was one of the best, most jam-packed, weekends ever. The tell-tale sign? The aches and pains that I woke up with bright and early on Monday morning.

On the work end of things, it was a great weekend as I reacquainted myself with the Spanish language by watching a couple movies en español. I also got started on the revamping of the HSBT application, which will be available later this week for all you Georgia students interested in advertising.

Back to the aches, pains, and that picture at the top of this post. After a UGA Girls Soccer game and bowling on Friday night and ridiculous stunts off of Ramsey’s diving boards on Saturday, it was almost time for the Main Event.  On Sunday, five of my friends and I took on yet another Man Challenge, and this one was definitely a doozy. Each team, chosen at random, was tied together at the ankle to create a great three-legged aspect to the event. Each team was to “run” 3.1 miles down Milledge Avenue, and finish by jumping into the Lakeside pool. One last thing was needed to make this race a true Man Challenge: A gallon of milk for each team to down along the way. Your team was not done until that milk was done.

The race was initially intended to be a run, but at the start, we more closely resembled penguins waddling across Broad Street.  Amazingly, though, each team’s skill improved dramatically over the course of the race, and strategy definitely played a roll in the result, as it does in every Man Challenge.

The race was one for the ages with Team LongSocks, made up of the combo of Tom Fell and Jay Rogers, narrowly defeating Dealbreaker Dave Amato and myself for 1st Place. The Lakeside pool patrons at 6:30 on Sunday certainly got a show!

The race, and our weekends, ended with everyone in a state that can best be described as a “milk coma.” Needless to say, we took it pretty easy the rest of the night. Great weekend!

If you’re interested in attempting an insane Man Challenge with us, email us at Insane women are always welcome.

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