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This Is Not A Casual Friday

 I suggest reading this in the voice of The Old Spice Guy, but that’s just me.

For college football fans, this Friday is not casual at all. As far as we’re concerned, this Friday is all business.

College football fandom is serious business, and the 2011 season is now open for business.

As our favorite teams and alma maters take the field tomorrow, we will be watching – anxiously, intently and passionately, as they begin their pursuit of a coveted national championship. And after 12, 13 or for some even 14 games, we will look back at our fall Saturdays and say, win or lose, that they were Saturdays well spent. Here’s to the college football season officially getting underway! Go ______(s)!


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Man Challenge T-Shirts: Reality

Thanks to fellow Matchstic intern Kelly Carnes, the Athens Man Challenge now has a t-shirt! I think it’s absolutely incredible. Let me know if you’re interested in one!


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September 5th Cinder Block Man Challenge

Take your average, run-of-the-mill 3.4 mile run, but add a treacherous 3/4 of a mile hill to tackle just before the finish. Now paste an ROTC course to the finish line, featuring among other things, 10 pullups, 10 dips, and a hell of a rope to climb. That sounds like fun, right? Well how’s-about we add some cherries and whipped cream on top of this extravaganza and just do the whole run carrying a cinder block. That’s what we did, and it was another wild Man Challenge Sunday!

Cradling it like a baby, one-handed at our side, bear-hugging it, on-the shoulder, and over-the-head described the way we went about lugging our 25-30 lb. friend around town. Once we were underway, it took little time for two favorites to jump out in front. Clark and Tom gained a sizable lead over the mile and a half, and there was no looking back. They took 1st and 2nd, while I finished 3rd and Jay 4th.

One thing to note about this Man Challenge came at about the 1.7 mile mark of the race, as we passed by Cali ‘N’ Titos on Lumpkin Street. Thanks to the onlookers who cheered us on as they enjoyed their delicious cubans, tacos, and plantains!

As always, if you’re interested, feel free to email us at join.manchallenge@gmail.com and we’ll let you know when our next one is!

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(9.10.10) Thoughts From 37,000 Feet

I decided to write a blog post to kill some time while I was on my flight from Hartsfield-Jackson to JFK. Here’s what was on my mind!

On the eve of the 9th Anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I find myself en route to the epicenter of the horror that took place nearly a decade ago.

The lack of a personal media center on this Boeing 757 makes for a nice change of pace, and allows me to just sit back and think. I thought about a post that I wrote a few months ago titled something like “The Shivers Factor.” The post focused around the idea of an ad, probably a commercial, that tugs at the heartstrings, making an emotional connection with the viewer at some level.

Since writing that original post, I think I see some common ground amongst all of these hair-raising ads. All of these ads share a level of authenticity; we all know when watching these spots that they are both serious and real. Like a WWII soldier returning to the docks of Pearl Harbor or the beaches of Normandy, I will surely get the heaviest dose of authentic shivers of my life when I visit Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan on the anniversary of that tragic day.

***So it turns out I didn’t make it to Ground Zero, partly because of the hoards of people there on the anniversary, and partly due to the fact that my Georgia Bulldogs were playing their first SEC game of the year. We managed to fill The Village Pourhouse in the East Village with Dawg fans like myself!

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