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Q: How would you like your World Cup? A: Distilled

The vuvuzela quickly became a controversial topic when the World Cup kicked off almost two weeks ago. Somehow, a South African tradition that only costs about eight dollars online has successfully driven about half of America crazy. Personally, I’m okay with countries keeping their traditions, however strange they might be. With that said, though, I understand where people are coming from with their beefs. It’s annoying to listen to! Can you imagine paying top dollar for a ticket to the World Cup, only to leave with your ears bleeding as if you just stood in front of a speaker at a KISS concert?

So for the half of America that is sick of hearing what the inside of a hornet’s nest sounds like, YouTube found the solution. I just noticed this for the first time tonight as I was reliving the magical US goal from this morning over and over again.

At first glance, it looks like any other YouTube video. Take a closer look, though. Check out the awesome little soccer icon below your video! That’s called YouTube taking action. Notice that when the video starts playing, you’re getting the filtered (ear friendly) version. One click of the mouse, though, and you’re immediately given the authentic 2010 World Cup experience. Cool idea, YouTube. I appreciate it.


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You know South Africa, but do you know Sub-Saharan Africa?

So the 2o10 World Cup begins this Friday, and will last for an entire month. While the majority of people know that South Africa is hosting the uber-popular event this year, most know nothing of the region of the continent where it’s being held, Sub-Saharan Africa. Quick, name five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa! How did you do? If you got five in under ten seconds, then you did very good compared to some of my classmates studying abroad last summer at Oxford University. Here is a video two classmates and I made on the region for a Global Mass Communication course we took while across the pond. If you come away from this video wondering what Nando’s is, here is a link to their awesome website: Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken


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Advertising the World Cup: The Shivers Factor

Chillbumps. Goosebumps. Shivers. Whatever you call them, they are something that we really have no control over. When we strike an emotional connection to something, whether it be the singing of The Star Spangled Banner or the ending of a sappy love story, they come down our spine and out our arms and legs without any warning.

When an ad can trigger your body to emit that spontaneous and awesome feeling, it’s doing something right. Here’s a couple ads, one for the upcoming 2010 World Cup and another from the 2006 Cup, that do it to me every time without fail. Enjoy.

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