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Sonic Branding: Nationwide vs. V8

Sonic branding is a great way to reinforce a brand’s identity and make viewers or listeners aware of whose ad is on the air. It speaks a universal language, and it can serve as a brand’s signature on its sound and motion advertising.

Essentially, it’s a logo you can listen to.

Sonic branding can be awesome, but what happens when one brand’s melody sounds like another brand’s melody?

Here’s a spot from Nationwide Insurance’s World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World campaign. Turn the volume up, and be sure to listen to their sonic branding in action at the start of the spot.

Now, watch and listen to a spot from the new V8 campaign featuring Jackie Chan, and listen to the sonic branding at the start of the spot. Does it sound distinct, or is it pretty close?

Personally, I think it’s a pretty close match. Now, it might not be that big of a deal since these two brands are in completely different product categories, but it does raise a couple bigger questions: How distinct is distinct enough, and is it only important to be distinct within your product category, or is it vital to be so different that you’re not like any other brand in the world?


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